Health Signs That Your Dog Is Happy


We always need to feel happy with our companion, but we often don’t know for sure if our furry friends are happy with us. Dogs are capable of feeling happy, just like humans. For example, adding human food to your dog’s diet will make your dog a happy dog. Dogs are very sensitive animals and their moods can vary depending on different scenarios. Since dogs cannot talk, you need to be able to interpret the signals that indicate that they are happy, as detailed below.

They Don’t Lose Appetite

dog eatingDogs are very greedy animals unless they have a problem, physical or psychological. When they are sick or depressed, it is common for them to decrease their cravings. A happy dog, on the other hand, will beg for food and devour everything you put in his bowl. However, this is one of the five most indicative signs that your pet is happy. Remember, if they are eating the same specific meals day after day, chances are they will get tired and stop eating all of their meals at once. In cases like this, look closely at the other tips to make sure your pet is happy and hasn’t stopped eating ad hoc. This can be solved by giving them additional varieties of food from time to time.


They Always Want to Play

An active dog means a happy dog. This is one of the apparent signs that your pet dog is in good shape and condition to be certain. Whether with their owner or with other animals, dogs are usually very lively. They are also constantly out for long walks where they can let off steam. Some dogs are more energetic than others, but with all the energy they have, a happy dog will always want to spend time walking and playing.

Getting Enough Sleep

dog sleepingAn adult dog sleeps about 16 hours a day, while puppies need about 20 hours. A happy dog needs the perfect amount of rest time to recharge his batteries and replenish his energy, so he may keep asking you to take him for a walk. If a pet is sleeping more than necessary, he may be suffering from a problem such as depression, melancholy, or other ailments such as distemper or perhaps parvovirus. It is very important to listen to understand why and resolve it as soon as possible.

They Ask for Affection

A happy dog loves to be around caregivers and spend time together. This is a sign that they are expecting you and feel comfortable and secure with you. Another way to claim your bond is to simply ask you to play with him, which, as we said before, is another sign that your pet is happy. A particular way for happy dogs to get attraction is by posting in a relaxed posture with an exposed belly. A dog that rolls onto its back but is stiff is showing submissive behavior. If your dog is on her back with her mouth open and relaxed, and she is moving from side to side with ease, she is happy and content.

They Prefer to Roam

Dogs are incredibly curious creatures who love to explore the world around them. They prefer to sniff and investigate new things and unknown regions. A dog that is not interested in people and anonymous things is likely to be an apathetic puppy that will likely have mood problems. You should pay attention to details and try to work if their behavior has changed. And, above all, make an effort so your furry friend has a full, healthy, and happy life.