Collagen is a type of protein that is found in the tissues of animals and human beings. It is made of amino acids like arginine, praline, glycine and other components. Collagen is necessary for our bodies because it helps the liver to fight off toxins, it is responsible for the elasticity of our skin, and it also aids in reversing the effects of hair loss. Below are some of the foods that we should take so that our bodies can have the right levels of collagen


Cabbage contains collagen; therefore, it is the right diet for your skin. The phytonutrients and oxidants like lutenin can boost the elasticity of the skin as well hydrating it. Cabbage has a lot of water that is why it helps in the hydration of the skin. Moreover, it is a great source of vitamin B6 and manganese. It also has magnesium and calcium, and all those components can help the boy in ways like strengthening the bones and reducing blood pressure.

Soy Products

Ensure that your diet has good quality soy products like cheese and soy milk. The products help to prevent the lines and wrinkles on the skin. A plant hormone called the genistein is responsible for boosting the production of collagen. That helps the skin to become stronger and more elastic.

Red Fruits And Vegetables

For the production of more collagen, you need to eat red fruits like strawberries, apples, oranges, and cherry. Also, red vegetables like red pepper and beetroots aid in fighting the aging process. This is because antioxidants like lycopene that are found in the vegetables stimulate the production of collagen in the body.


Beans help in making the skin healthy in a significant way. They have hyaluronic which is an acid that is essential for people who want to look young. The acid can keep water together, therefore, fighting lines and wrinkles. That keeps the skin healthy and glowing. The fact is, the acid in the beans will help with the migration of cells and proliferation.The beans can be eaten in any form.


Carrots are a good source of vitamin A which is responsible for facilitation of production of collagen in the body. In addition to that, they help the body to control the breaking down of elastin and collagen. They also stimulate and thicken the dermis. That will enhance a better flow of blood in your body and when that happens your skin maintains a beautiful glow.